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Olson Auto

357 Rockland Rd Jefferson ME 04348

Tyler Olson – Owner

Tyler has been in the car business since prior to being born. Having strong ties on both sides of the family, His Dad owned and operated Kent’s Garage in Brunswick thru the 90’s, and his grandparents owned and operated Pelkey Motors first in Topsham, then in Brunswick, until its closed after a fire in the 90’s. His roots run deep in rusty metal. Tyler opened his first car dealership Olson’s Pre Owned Cars, in Vassalboro Maine in 2006. Prior to that he worked for several other new car dealerships, Including Bill Dodge Oldsmobile, Morong VW Jeep, and Goodwin Chevrolet. He grew up in the business and is know by first name by most of the original dealers in Southern Maine.

Tyler closed his first dealership in 2010, to focus more on Wholesale Auto Sales and Transport of Cars for other dealers until Opening Olson Auto in August of 2023. Tyler is old school and is known to flip a coin to set a price on a sale. He is dedicated to making the customer happy and cares more about the repeat business than he does the profit. He enjoys old cars, spending time with his kids and girlfriend, and being on the water at camp whenever he has the time.

Rachele Colby – Head of Operations

Rachele is Tyler’s brain. She’s also his first girlfriend ever dating back to 1995 and she has yet to murder him. if there is a missing piece of paperwork, a missed signature, a squeak or rattle in a car, or an item overlooked, Rachele’s the one that makes a point to get the job done. She is the organization to the chaos. Rachele loves old vehicles as well, her favorite is vintage ford trucks. She has a 1988 F150 thats her classic cruiser on nice days. Rachele loves music, and animals. She loves to travel to Nashville Tennessee to watch a show at the Grand Ole’ Opry or the Ryman. She also loves making it a point to attend all of her kids sporting events. Rachele has what seems to be a different pair of shoes for every day of the year, yet that still isn’t enough. She is a staple here at Olson Auto, and keeps the operations running on all cylinders.

Codey Bell – the happiest Fat sales guy we could find

Codey is the sales guy for Olson Auto. Codey met Tyler years ago, and ever since then, Tyler just cant seem to pull Codey out of his ass, which is uncomfortable, because he is kinda a big guy. Standing over 6ft tall and weighing in at something a Toldeo scale cant measure, having more tattoos than Jelly Roll, and an unbreakable work ethic, Codey always gets the job done. Codey is the hardest working guy you might ever meet. He works 11 jobs totaling more hours in a week than given, yet he always seems to manage to push through and get everything accomplished. On top of all this, he still manages to be an awesome friend, and awesome dad, and a great provider. He is all around a great guy, and does a lot for Olson Auto. The dealership wouldn’t be whole without him around. Codey loves Chevelle’s and Harleys, and is always looking to make that next deal happen.

Uncle Larry – Mechanical Engineer 

Larry met Tyler in 2006. One thing is for sure, Larry has more brains that he has hair. Even though he isn’t much to look at, if you give Larry a chicken barn, he will fill it with every old car and truck imaginable you could ever want, and then refuse to sell it. His mechanical knowledge goes above and beyond the normal things most seasoned mechanics know. Larry can fix anything you bring to him. He also loves old metal, and you can normally catch him somewhere in Augusta driving an Old VW Bus, not because the bus wouldn’t make it further, but because Larry is so bad with directions he couldn’t find his way out or a paper bag. He only left the state of Maine once in his life, and he was asleep in the passenger seat when that happened, so he couldn’t ever pull it off again. You can find him at supercuts on half hair Friday’s, as he gets a discount on haircuts since nothing grows in the middle. Larry is the man that gets the cars ready to roll, and we would be lost without him.

Azailyah – CEO

Meet Z. Z is Rachele’s daughter, and she runs the shop 2 days a week. Z spends most of her time driving since she got her license. Her favorite food is her Grams meatloaf, which she always makes sure to be home at 5pm sharp to eat. She has a contagious laugh, and has no problem making you laugh with her. She is amazing at giving advice, an old soul so to speak, but terrible at taking it.She loves animals, and loves reading those damn cards that tell you what will happen to you in life. She loves cats, she has 2 good cats, and one that is Hitler reincarnated. She drives a red Toyota, and her window tint is illegal, but her dad doesn’t know. We appreciate Z here at Olson Auto.


Nash is the shop dog. Nash is the goodest boy ever. Nash smells awful. Nash loves everyone except the Wednesday FedEx driver. Nash does not bite peoples.

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