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2017 Subaru Impreza WRX Review

From the eagle eye LED strip lighting in the headlights, to the rear diffuser and tailpipe placement, it reminds me of that eye-melting concept of 2013 every time I see a new WRX on the road. It truly looks stunning at all angles, and it’s a car that you can tell is ready to get out there and do work, just by looking at it.

All-New 2017 Genesis G80 3.8L AWD Review

Korea's answer to the Lexus at a much lower price point?

All-New 2017 Genesis G90 3.3L Twin Turbo AWD Review

The Hyundai corporation has officially dipped its toes into the world of high-end luxury, and they’ve done so in the purest sense of the word.

Avoiding New Car Infatuation on a Test Drive

There is little doubt that shopping for a new car or new truck can be as nerve racking as it is exciting. And it doesn’t have to be a brand new vehicle to create these emotions, does it? It just has to be brand new to you. Adding to the pressure is the fact that next to your home, your car is the biggest purchase most of us will ever make.

All-New 2018 Toyota C-HR XLE Review

The C-HR certainly has a bit more spunk and glow about it than the average car, I can tell you that.

Buying Your Next Maine New or Used Car

 Observations from the Owner about Maine Car Dealers & Buying your next Maine new or used car.

Buying a New Car vs. Leasing in Maine

Consumers by nature are always making calculations and evaluations on what is the cheapest and most efficient option, and when it comes to getting a new car in Maine there are many different choices to make. Two of the most important questions to ask are: Do I lease a car? Or do I decide to buy it and own it instead? These are important and very complex questions.

Maine Automotive Car Detailing, Reconditioning, Detailing and Paint Correction

AAS has proved to be a very cost effective alternative to having to take your vehicle to a conventional body shop.

Maine Undercoating and Rust Prevention. Protect your Maine Used Car!

Nothing makes that nice, shiny new Maine car into a Maine used car faster than rust and corrosion. Save your vehicle and save money with Premium Rust Proofing from Downeast Undercoating!